Job Keeping Skills

1. Be Flexible Employers' needs can change often. If you are willing to do the work that your employer needs you to do, you will be well liked and a lot happier, too.

2. Be Reliable Do what you say you will do. This means getting to work on time and doing the job that you said you would.

3. Go to Work Every Day No employer will put up with a worker who comes to work only when and if they feel like it. If you are really sick, be sure to telephone your boss as soon as possible.

4. Be Cooperative with Others You must be able to work well with others; this includes both co-workers and supervisors.

5. Work on Your Own Once you have been trained, learn to work without needing to be told what to do next. If you have finished your work and are not sure what to do next, ask your supervisor.

6. Keep a Good Attitude Accept your share of the work without complaining or slowing down. If someone tells you that you can do your job better, try to learn from what they say. A smile and a friendly attitude will work wonders for you and for those working around you.

7. Be Honest DO NOT STEAL materials or time from the employer. The worker who comes in late, leaves early, or works too slowly on purpose, is a time stealer because they get paid for work not done.

8. Work While on the Job Too much talk or play on the job will get you in trouble. Personal phone calls should be made or received only when absolutely necessary. Also, leave personal problems and time for romantic relationships at home.

9. Obey Work Rules Follow the rules concerning work hours, safety laws, dress code, and any others the employer has. BREAKING THESE RULES COULD COST YOU YOUR JOB.

10. Follow Company Customs

These are the rules of the company that may not be written in any employee handbook, but everyone follows them anyway. Such customs might include dressing the way other workers do, or coming to work 15 minutes early each day. Not following these unwritten rules may mean you may never "FIT IN" at work.

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