Statistics Links

California Labor Market Information »
Up-to-date labor market statisics and information for the State of California.

Neighborhood Knowledge California »
Gather various information about different areas in California via maps, charts and graphs.

California Industry and Occupational Staffing Patterns »
Staffing Patterns are a list of the occupations employed within a particular industry, or a list of the industries that employ a particular occupation. Job seekers or training providers may use these lists to contact appropriate employers for job openings. And employers or economic developers may use these lists to determine the kinds of jobs they need in a particular company or business.

California Careers Info »
This link coordinates the development of an occupational information system that serves the needs of vocational education, employment and training programs and career guidance.

San Joaquin's Monthly Employment & Unemployment »
Find the latest labor force statistics here, courtesy of California EDD, Labor Market Information Division.

Statewide Labor Market Statistics - EDD/LMID »
Link to the State's Labor Market Information Division and find statistics for the State or individual counties.

San Joaquin's Labor Force Size by Industry »
Find out how many people are employed in a particular industry, what it was like last year, and how it has changed.

Consumer Price Index »
Link to the California Department of Industrial Relations to get the latest inflation statistics for different regions of the State, the State itself, and Nation.

Other San Joaquin Specific Labor Market Statistics »
Find historical data, industry projections, size of businesses, per capita income, and more from the State's Employment Development Department.

US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics »
Find regional information, information about the economy at a glance, publications, or search for information on a particular subject.