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San Joaquin Partnership
The San Joaquin Partnership’s main focus is business attraction, retention, and expansion into and throughout San Joaquin County and its seven incorporated cities of Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, Lathrop, Tracy, Ripon, and Escalon.

San Joaquin County Ordinance Codes Online
Provides information on Ordinance Codes for San Joaquin County. Codes are updated on a quarterly basis.

Stockton Entrepreneurship & Small Business Resource Map
Explore Stockton's organizations providing entrepeneur support services at each stage of your business venture — the idea stage, startup stage, and growth stage.

Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
Have you ever wondered how you can do business with the government? This site will provide you with the necessary information and tools to get started. The FTC PTAC is here to help you! They are a not-for-profit, public benefit organization chartered to help small businesses with all aspects of government contracting. They are funded by grants, which allows them to provide you counseling, training and other resources at no charge to you.

U.S.Census Bureau - County Business Patterns
County Business Patterns is an annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry. Businesses use the data for analyzing market potential, measuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and developing budgets.

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)
It is the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) - offers a range of services to business owners including: attraction, retention and expansion services, site selection, permit streamlining, clearing of regulatory hurdles, small business assistance, international trade development, assistance with state government, and much more.

Air Resource Board
This site offers current information on California Air Pollution Control Laws and Regulations

California Legislation Information
This site lists all Senate and Assembly bills and their status.

Employment Training Panel
This agency offers training assistance and incentives to California businesses.

California Academy for Economic Development
This link provides general Economic Development links, Political links, Technology links, Funding links, Data & Info links, and Business Development links.

Department of Finance
This site provides California's budget and revisions, offers an overview of California's economy and financial data and statistics.

State of California
This site is a one stop web site offering statistical information regarding California and its Counties. It covers Business Importing, Business Exporting, International Trade, Tourism, Agricultural, Technology, and much more.

This site contains general permit and license information. It also has the ability to search for information by county, city and by trade. Great tool for start-ups.

Office of Compliance Assistance Policy
This site contains a clear and easy-to-access information on how to comply with federal employment laws. This information is often referred to as "compliance assistance," which is an important part of the Department of Labor's efforts to protect the wages, health benefits, retirement security, employment rights, safety, and health of America’s workforce.

California Franchise Tax Board
The Franchise Tax Board contains general State Tax information to individuals and businesses. It offers Tax Tips and covers FAQ regarding California's Enterprise Zones.

Internal Revenue Service
The IRS has tax filing information for small businesses. Provides individuals and businesses with general Tax Filing information. It contains a search engine for Tax forms and publications, Tax Law changes, everyday Tax solutions, Tax Scams, and a FAQ section.

Employment Development Department
This site contains Job seeker information, business information, statistical information regarding the labor market in California. It offers state, regional, and local information.

Recycling Market Development Zone
This site offers provides information and services to companies in each zone to assist in the growth of recycling based manufacturing businesses in California. It offers financial assistance and streamlined permitting. In addition, the agency can provide information on current market conditions, evaluate technology and equipment, and link manufacturers with end users, just to name a few of their services.

Downtown Alliance
This agency promotes, develops, and maintains downtown Stockton. If you are interested in locating your businesses to the downtown area, check out this web site for available properties.

Council of Governments
This agency's primary role is Regional Transportation Planning. In addition, it also takes a look at population statistics, airport land use, habitat & open space planning and other regional issues.

The Tracy-San Joaquin County Certified Development Corporation
This agency services the entire San Joaquin County. It provides businesses with below market fixed rate financing for commercial, industrial, and retail projects through their 504 program.

Stockton San Joaquin Convention & Visitors Bureau
This agency offers a wide range of services to new and existing members of the community. The site contains information on where to stay, where to dine, sports and recreation, arts and entertainment events, only to name a few. Come check this site for more information.

Northern California World Trade Center (NCWTC)
This site connects you to the services of the NCWTC, which is located in Sacramento. Their mission is to enhance the Central Valley region’s international commerce and trade capabilities, educate business concerns about the region’s trade capabilities and build alliances with businesses and organizations worldwide to grow export dollar volume in the region. Information you will find in this site include Trade Leads, Trade Missions, Internship Programs, and success stories of Northern California companies that have received services from NCWTC. Business interested in the "how tos" of the foreign trade market should visit this site.

US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
This is the only official website for the USPTO. Learn how to get a patent for your invention, a trademark registration or a copyright. Also alvailavle is a listing of existing patents and trademarks. In addition, the site contains a Q&A section to get answers to your questions about filing your patent, trademark or copyright.

This site connects you to Federal, State and Local business resources for any US business. The site contains: Business Development resources, Buying from the Government, Selling to the Government, Workplace Issues, International Trade Opportunities, Laws & Regulations affecting Small Businesses, Business Data and Stats, and Business Financing & Taxes.

Centro Capital Hub
Centro provides economic opportunity through entrepeneurship, education, financial literacy and leadership programs to low-income, minority and women entrepeneurs who want to establish economic freedom and financial stability through small business creation.