Employment Training Panel

Employee Training Reimbursement Available!

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a joint business-labor state agency that funds training to ensure employers have the skilled workers they need to compete locally and globally. ETP’s program serves a mix of small, mid‐sized, and large companies under two types of contracts: multiple‐employer contracts (MECs) and single‐employer contracts.

ETP funding helps to retain and motivate the workforce, establish or update internal human resources training systems, stay competitive by keeping employees updated on the latest technologies, maintain more rigorous quality control processes, and train workers on new equipment or technology during major upgrades or expansions.

ETP provides the flexibility to employers to choose the training curriculum along with the delivery methods. Reimbursement rates vary depending on delivery method and industry. ETP allows employers to be reimbursed for classroom‐based training, online training, and on‐the‐job training.

Funding for ETP programs is disbursed based on a pay‐for‐ performance model, meaning that employers do not receive funding until they demonstrate successful performance. Performance is assessed through a 21 month period consisting of the execution of training hours, completion of all planned training, and retention in employment at a well-paying wage rate after 90 days.

For more info, visit ETP.CA.GOV

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