Rapid Response

WorkNet personnel are required to respond within 48 hours on notification of a layoff or a plant closure by contacting the employer. If the source of layoff information was not the employer, initial contact to the company must be made with utmost discretion. Due to the sensitive nature and confidentiality necessary to administer a layoff, WorkNet staff must determine who the company contact will be.

Once contact is established, WorkNet will first determine if, through the services of the Economic Development Center, it is possible to avert the layoff entirely. Options available for the employer may be, but are not limited to, business finance assistance, project analysis, referrals to various agencies for permits or environmental information.

If the Layoff/Closure appears imminent, information regarding the Worker's Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) regulations and requirements will be provided. Rapid response staff will work with the employer to coordinate with other agencies to provide on-site information regarding community resources to available workers prior to the closure or layoff. Rapid Response staff may arrange any of the following services as desired by the employer:

Contact Rapid Response Coordinator: Melyn Cardenas
(209) 468-3500 or email: rapid@sjcworknet.org