The San Joaquin County Workforce Development Board

It is the mission of the Workforce Development Board to take the leadership role in...
Bringing together the resources of the community to help job seekers find the right jobs and help employers meet their business needs.

WDB Agenda August 22, 2018

Workforce Development Board Meeting Schedule

Month Date / Location
March March 28, 2018 / Stockton WorkNet Center **CANCELLED**
May May 23, 2018 / Stockton WorkNet Center
August August 22, 2018 / Stockton WorkNet Center
October October 24, 2018 / Stockton WorkNet Center
December 8, 2017 / Stockton WorkNet Center (Combined with WBD Retreat)

Workforce Development Board Links

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (PDF) »

Workforce Development Board Archives

Two Primary Responsibilities

Provide employment and training opportunities and services to the job seekers in San Joaquin County

Support the Business community by helping business access available resources and services that will promote business growth and increase employment opportunity.

Role and Responsibilities

Develop and modify the 5-year local plan. »

Select Operators and Service Providers.

  • Negotiate performance measures
  • Approve budgets
  • Set policies and direction

Workforce Development Board

20 Business Representatives
17 Partners
37 Voting Members

WDB Ad Hoc Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Accountability Committee
  • Business Development Committee
  • Data Collection and Technology Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Staff Training Committee
  • WorkNet System Committee
  • WorkNet Charter Committee
  • Youth Committee

Workforce Development Board Members

  • Daniel J. Schroeder, At-Large Business
  • Ardria D. Weston, Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
  • Christopher Paige, Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers
  • Cornelio Gomez, EDD
  • Cynthia Thoming Sanders, 5th District Business
  • Cynthia Summers, 2nd District Business
  • Dan Maloney, At-Large Business
  • David V. Jimenez, Economic & Community Development
  • Ernest Williams, Community Based Organization
  • Gene Acevedo, At-Large Business
  • James Mousalimas, Education
  • John P. Palmer, 5th District Business
  • Jessie Garza-Roderick, At-Large Business
  • John M. Solis, Youth Employment & Training Agency,
  • Julian Sepulveda, 1st District Business
  • Kathleen A. Hart, Education
  • Kirk Dall, 3rd District Business
  • Les Fong, At-Large Business
  • Lisa Vigil, Labor Organizations
  • Marcus Williams, Labor Organizations
  • Maria Patterson, Labor Organizations
  • Michael Miller, Human Services Agency
  • Nate Tucker, Labor Organizations
  • Pat Patrick, 4th District Business
  • Peter L. Halver, At-Large Business
  • Raul Hernandez, Labor Organizations
  • Sandra Johnson, At-Large Business
  • Shelley Burcham, Economic & Community Development
  • Sheri Oneto, 2nd District Business
  • Sofia Valenzuela, At-Large Business
  • Steve Lopez, Labor Organizations
  • Tamra Spade, 4th District Business
  • Terry L. Givens, At-Large Business
  • Tony G. Washington, Community Based Organizations